Living in Happiness: The Call to Return

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This intimately sacred book is a shout-out to humanity to delve into the mysteries of life as found in the ancient wisdom of the Torah and to connect deeply to one's soul to determine how best to live up to our full spiritual potential. Recognizing that the soul is the eternal part of us, it is fitting and proper to nurture it through our connection to the Creator. For all people personal prayer is essential. This book is written to inspire the Jewish nation and all people to use life's opportunities for self-improvement, emotional regulation, and understanding the gifts hidden in our challenges. In this way we achieve genuine peace, tranquility, and happiness in contrast to living a life of diversions and pleasures of the ego. Our return to our essence is what will change the world on a microcosmic level, and as we change so does the world around us. The wisdom imparted by this treasure will change your life for the better. It provides a strong foundation for raising happy children who are connected to their souls.

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