Magnificent Messages

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Life-changing stories, Torah thoughts, and illuminated quotes

What messages do you find and apply from the parshah each week? The Torah is not only Hashem's prescription for how a Jew is to live his life, but also how a Jew is to think throughout his life. What is the attitude with which we should approach the various challenges that constantly confront us, day in and day out?

The lessons contained in this book address all of this. For years Rabbi Naftoli Hexter has opened the eyes of his many students to the wondrous messages packed within each weekly Torah portion, whether through a beautiful Torah thought, an amazing story, or even a clever yet poignant aphorism. In Magnificent Messages, he makes these gems available to all readers. Short and concise, the dvar Torah, true story, and powerful quote (accompanied by a full-color, striking photo!) provided for each parshah take a matter of minutes to read, but the inspiration they offer will last a lifetime!

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